The joint Google Calendar may be viewed here, or embedded directly into your own Google Calendar (if you are using one).

The data is supplied by users like you: to add an event please follow the instructions below.

  1. To follow events:

    • On this page: visit as often as you wish.

    • Embedded in your own Google Calendar:

  2. To add an event:

    • (Why would I want to do that?   Because not everyone is on the organizer’s mailing list).

    • By email:

    • To become an authorized contributor:

      • (You need to have a Gmail account with Google Calendar).

      • Email the secretary to be included in the list of authorized persons. (You need to be an Israeli faculty member, post-doc or graduate student of mathematics or related areas).

      • If you have not already done so, follow the embedding instructions above.

      • Add the event as if you were adding it to your own calendar(s). Be sure to include essential information, preferably via a link to a website.

    • What should be included?

      • Any conference, workshop or minischool that will reasonably be of interest to others.

      • Deadlines for registration or various submissions are welcome as well.

      • Special lectures and Prize lectures are fine, too (but please do not clog the schedule with regular seminars).