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Some records on the history of the mathematical community in Israel

History of the Israel Mathematical Union: about the history of the IMU.
The Landau pages: A copy of the lecture given by Edmund Landau (in Hebrew) at the inauguration of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics on April 1, 1925, “Open and Closed Problems in the Elementary Theory of Numbers” (PDF)
A History of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics: “Berlin Roots — Zionist Incarnation: The Ethos of Pure Mathematics and the Beginnings of the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem”, by Shaul Katz, Science in Context 17, 1/2, 199-234 (2004)  PDF
Scripta Universitatis: About Scripta Universitatis, the first mathematical research journal with articles in Hebrew.
Academic Boycott of Israeli Scholars: a partial list of resolutions which have been passed by official bodies concerning an academic boycott of Israeli scholars.
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