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Scripta Universitatis

The first mathematical research journal with articles in Hebrew appeared in 1923, two years before the inauguration of the Hebrew University. The official full name of the journal was Scripta Universitatis atque Bibliothecae Hierosolymitanarum. This journal published only two volumes. One was titled Orientalia and Judaica and the other Mathematica and Physica. This latter volume was edited by Albert Einstein and contained 12 articles in German, Italian, French and English, all translated into Hebrew. The journal was funded by Simon Velikovsky, and published by his son Immanuel Velikovsky with the help of Heinrich Loewe. Below is an article about these volumes written by Immanuel Velikovsky, as well as some scanned pages and articles from the mathematics and physics volume.

  • An article written by Immanuel Velikovsky, which appeared in 1978, recalling the history of Scripta Universitatis.

  • The scanned cover pages and the table of contents in English.

  • The scanned cover pages and the table of contents in Hebrew.

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